Terms and Conditions Template

Ready to be personalised to suit your business

Why do you need Terms & Conditions? 

Terms and Conditions act as a legally binding contract between YOU and your customers. This is the agreement that sets the RULES and guidelines that customers must agree to and follow in order to use and access your service or products. This in turn helps you protect your business. If you don't specify T&C's you put yourself at risk of misunderstanding, which in turn could be very costly. 

What are we offering? 

This document template is a STARTING POINT from which you can begin to build your own personalised Terms & Conditions. It details some of the key commercial terms for people within the Teepee hire business. When personalising do the following: 

 Think of all the scenarios of what could possibly go wrong and then set out what you would do in each case.

 Imagine the most awkward customer possible in doing this exercise (honestly it works)

 Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and make sure the language is at their level and user friendly. Hiding everything on one page in the smallest font possible will not endear you to your customers. Your points need to be clear, concise and readable. 

 Don’t forget about your terms of trade. This should be something that you revisit and update, as and when required.

As these are a legally binding document it is advised that you seek advice from a legal professional. We are providing you a starting point not a finished document that is personalised for your business. 

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