Is this you? 

  • Do you love the idea of Instagram but are unsure of how to use it? 
  • Are you finding that your posts don't get much engagement? 
  • Do you struggle with what and when to post? 
  • Would you love to have a beautiful looking feed like those businesses you follow? 
  • Do you struggle to get enquiries or bookings via instagram? 
  • Would it help if someone just explained how it all works, and the best ways to do it for your business? 

The Doors Close in...

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The problem is that instagram is a fast paced collection of amazing images. To stand out from the crowd you need to know the how, why, what and when of posting your content. 

I am by no means an instagram expert and I don't proclaim to be one. I am a busy mum who has learnt to use techniques over the last 6 years to build a successful sleepover business.

I learnt by trial and error. I tried the tips and techniques that the experts gave to see what did and didn't work for our industry. Now I'm proud to say that not a day goes by where I don't receive enquires via instagram. 

Those are the methods I can teach you 

What will be covered in this challenge? 

✅ What to post - how to use images with intent to drive enquiries. We can all post pretty pictures on our instagram feeds, but how do we ensure that the post will benefit our businesses. 

✅ What to writethe captions can make all the difference. All too often people think that posting just a beautiful image on instagram will be enough, and sometimes it is. However, adding a great caption with the right hashtags can make all the difference 

✅ When to post - what to post when to have the best effect.  This will include posting natively to Instagram as well as curating amazing feeds using scheduling apps. 

✅ StoriesAll the hidden features that help to get posts seen by a wider audience. How to hide hashtags, find the perfect font or colour, what time to post. All this and more. 

✅ Guides and Reels - Why use them? What difference do they make? 

✅ Why use Instagram?  - To succeed on instagram you need to know why it benefits your business and what you want it do for you. If you were going to employ someone you would need them to have a particular role in your business. This is the same for Social media. You need to know why you need it. We will talk through the different ways you can use it in your marketing strategy. 

All this for only £27 

Why Listen to ME?

I will teach you from experience - I have built a successful sleepover business that works around my hectic family life. Being a mum of 5 young sons means that time has always been sparse. Take into account that 3 of my sons have a life limiting condition called Haemophilia and 1 of them has a congenital heart condition, both conditions needing lots of hospital visits and extra care, it puts my accomplishments in a different light - doesn't it! I can teach you how to manage things around your family. 

I run a multi-award winning business - As you can see from the picture, I have won Small Business Sunday which is a prestigious competition run by Theo Pathitis the well known BBC Dragon. As well as this I have been crowned the Queen of Children's Teepees by The Royal Connection. My Business was also selected as one of the top 100 small businesses in 2018 by Small Business Saturday. Find out more about the awards I have won by clicking on the photo of Theo, Ryan and I.  

I earn more now than I did teaching - I have been running my business for 4 years. My sleepover business is my full time business. I left teaching to start up my business and I am proud to say that I have been consistently making more than my teachers wage for a long while now. Let me show you how you can do this too. 


The Nitty Gritty

I am not going to claim that I have invented some new fangled way to market your business on Instagram. What I am going to show you are tried and tested methods that have worked for me and my sleepover business.   I will include tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way.  Not only that but I will explain the WHY's behind everything I show you. Rest assured that everything you learn will be targeted towards your sleepover business too. All you will need to do is put what you learn into practice. 

This is a short cut to help you increase you sleepover party bookings  on Instagram. Utilise the knowledge that I have built up over the 6 years I have been running my successful business! 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Do I need a business Instagram account?

Yes, you will need an instagram business account in order to practice the skills you learn. 

How do I contact you if I have a problem?

You can contact me via email on Tara@dreameeteepees.co.uk

Will this be useful if I haven't yet launched my business?

The answer to this is YES. You can learn what you need to know so you are ready to launch your business on instagram. 

How do I access the challenge?

You will be able to access the course on either your desktop or mobile device. 

How long do I need to commit to this challenge?

The videos will be in short bitesized chunks that you can access at any point during the day.

I already know a lot about Instagram - will this benefit me?

Without knowing how proficient you are on Instagram I can't honestly say either way. Send me an email and I can talk you through the course content to see what you think.