Is Your Business Quiet or Is it Just Mine?

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I want to address this question that I see asked a lot in our industry. 

For me this question feels like a lose/lose because either:

A) People agree with you, they say cancellations are the worst they’ve ever seen, and they are really quiet with new enquiries

This makes you feel that you’re not alone, which feels reassuring, but the problem still exists and no actual action is taken.




B) People say no, they’re busier than ever and in fact they’re fully booked right the way through to the end of the year.  

This makes you feel rubbish as you compare yourself to those who are doing well.

The problem still exists and no actual action is taken.


Instead let's start looking at WHY some of you are facing a what I've seen called 'a quiet period', and most importantly, why others aren’t.


It’s time to switch your energy from accepting your fate, to accepting there’s a problem - but also knowing there are things in your control which will solve it. 




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